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WriteGirl/Bold Ink Writers: Never underestimate a girl and her pen!

Good afternoon, YouthMundees!

IVA in association with YouthMundus is thrilled about our latest Partner addition, WriteGirl, and its co-ed/boys division, Bold Ink Writers. 

This inspiring and innovative organization uses writing and mentoring to promote creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills for underserved teens. Through its Core Mentoring Program, WriteGirl pairs teen girls with professional women writers for one-on-one mentoring, genre-specific workshops, public readings, publications, and college and scholarship application assistance. Their programs explores poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, songwriting, journalism, screenwriting, playwriting, persuasive writing, essay writing, editing, publishing and more.

Why does writing matter? 

Since its inception, writing has served to communicate the thoughts and feelings of the individual and of that person’s culture, their collective history, and their experiences with the human condition, and to preserve those experiences for future generations.

When writing, both your breathing rhythm and your cardiac activity slow down, and several areas of the brain, associated with thinking and memory, become active, which is the kind of effect achieved also through meditation. It calls upon us to bring our left and right brain together to shape experience and feeling into something another person can read and understand. That need, to feel understood, to know that what one thinks or feels matters, is universal and essential to all humans. Writing is therefore important, not only for our creativity, but also for our mental health. 

Now in its 18th season, WriteGirl has maintained a 100% success rate in helping its seniors not only graduate from high school, but also enroll in college.

In 2013 WriteGirl was recognized by Michelle Obama with the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award for its success inspiring thousands of at-­risk teens to enroll in college. For more information, visit and check out their social media accounts on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram

Thank you for following us on this amazing journey. We deeply appreciate your constant support.

With all our love and gratitude, #TeamYouthMundus and #TeamIVA

Photo Credits: WriteGirlPhotos


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