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FRIDAY 15.11.19 - SUNDAY 17.11.19




TransBalkan is a documentary photographic project which via a traveling exhibition helps bring focuses on the question of the transgender community in the Balkan region, the south eastern part of Europe.

So far the author, Aleksandar Crnogorac has traveled to all corners of the Balkan peninsula in order to meet, interview and photograph more then 60 trans individuals coming from 9 countries, different religious social and educational backgrounds and most importantly at different points of their personal transitions. 


The goal of this project is to help raise visibility for the Balkan transgender community further promoting a deeper understanding of this minority by the wider public. By focusing on the personal aspect of the human experience of these individuals, the Trans Balkan exhibition invites the audience to actually meet the trans community living in their region and in doing so it is helping raise awareness of the difficult conditions and realities trans people in the Balkans face.
So far the TransBalkan exhibition has visited Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia and Bulgaria. Future dates are already planned for Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Greece while negotiations are still ongoing with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Romania.

It is also important to mention that the TransBalkan project is still growing. Recently the author has traveled to meet additional individuals in Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria leaving only Albania and Greece on the list of Balkan countries yet to be covered by the project.

In this manner the exhibition will be a true illustration of the many different individual trans experiences across the entire Balkan peninsula as suggested in the name of the project.
The final goal of this project is a publication of a monograph photo book. 


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