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SustainabilitY, WASTE reduction & Recycling

YouthMundus Festival will strive to be as sustainable as possible.

Our Team is using The Oceanic Standard (TOS) as a blueprint for adopting sustainable operating practices that meet both business and environmental needs.


Our efforts include, but will not be limited to:

Encouraging attendees to take public transport and leave their cars at home

Eco-Friendly ticket system/wristbands

Eco-friendly decorations

Eliminating disposable and single-use plastics

No plastic straws will be available

Composting excess food and using compostable or reusable containers, napkins, and utensils

There will be no printed agenda, publications library or paper handouts

Using recycled paper and plant-based inks 

Working with food vendors who make it a priority to source food sustainably and/or locally

Using renewable energy wherever possible

Providing composting and recycling bins in event areas

Providing pocket ashtrays

Organizing clean-up actions during the festival

Encouraging the use of public transport when possible

Carbon offset 

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