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Meet The Festival Team

The Women Behind YouthMundus


Ina Petersen

Founder & CEO of IVA

Ina Petersen is IVA’s Founder and CEO. Upon completing her B.A. in Psychology and English Literature at Harvard University in 2013, the multilingual Petersen began her career at ICM Partners. She joined Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in 2014, and international sales company Sierra Affinity in 2017. Petersen's specialties are film finance, sales, and talent management. She has worked with teams behind Academy Award-winning projects, which among others include Brooklyn and Moonlight, as well as other critically acclaimed titles such as, The Lobster and Ingrid Goes West. Petersen also worked with the team behind critically acclaimed film, Atomic Blonde. During her years at CAA, she contributed to the company's philanthropic division by originating ideas for projects dedicated to helping the world's refugees. 

Dijana Stupar

Head of PR, Talent Relations

& Media Consulting

Dijana Stupar is IVA’s Head of PR, Talent Relations & Media Consulting. She has an extensive Scandinavian event, PR, film and music festival experience and has worked several years for Over Oslo, Øya, Gullruten, Heartland, Pride and Oslo Pix Festivals in Norway. Stupar has organized several nonprofit and fundraising campaigns, where she has raised over $13,000 for UNICEF as part of Norway’s biggest annual charity event, airing on Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, NRK. She is also one of the main founders of a non-profit association, The Rainbow Team Events, which is dedicated to bridging the gaps - and dismantle social prejudices - for (and with) young people across the globe, through inclusive, shared experiences of representative art and like-minded interests.

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Cristina Spinelli

Media & Culture Strategist at

Purpose House

Cristina is our Italian Festival Consultant. She has 15+ years’ experience in media spanning from ad agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Jwt, to entertainment companies like Sony Pictures and Warner Bros and FMGC like Unilever. She has a passion for culturally relevant and challenging opportunities. After an experience in influencer-marketing, she is excited to bring her expertise to the creation of positive impact through sustainable growth and purpose driven brands.

Marie-Lou Obdeijn

IVA’s Apprentice

Marie-Lou Obdeijn is currently studying film conception, production, camera, direction, and editing at the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound (Ritcs) in Brussels, Belgium. She has customer service, project leader and management experience in various environments, and has worked several years within social media management and coordination, website development and maintenance, content creation, and blogging. Obdeijn is currently IVA’s Apprentice, as well as board member and website developer for The Rainbow Team Events.

Veronica Velez's Headshot (1).jpg



A recent acting graduate from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Veronica has extensive experience in film and television. In 2017, Veronica made her regional theatre debut with the Hangar Lab Company in a production of Harold Pinter's The Room. While working at the Hangar, she was involved in several other of their productions, including their Wedge (The Messenger) and KIDDSTUFF series' (Aesop's Fables). Most recently, Veronica was featured in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art's Spring Season in a production of Julius Caesar as Portia.

When not performing, Veronica is running the YouthMundus Festival’s social media, researching for various projects and interviewing artists for YouthMundus’s Artist Spotlight series - a project she proudly spearheaded.



Tessa M. Dobrow is a recent NYU Tisch Graduate,  with a passion for the NYC art world. Originally from Baltimore, she moved to New York in pursuit of her education receiving double degrees in Drama and Journalism. Tessa has been a part of various film projects, including the latest Marvel movie: Avengers Endgame. She’s also collaborated in the creation of several short films and theatre productions. As an intern at Inner Voice Artists, Tessa focuses on the Artist Spotlight Series, film research and the YouthMundus Festival.

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Emma Heyndrickx is currently studying Scandinavian Literature Studies at the University of Oslo. She has experience in the sales and administrative sectors, as well as social media management, photography and organization of various events and travel. As an intern at Inner Voice Artists, Emma is continuing her work with social media management and event organization. Emma is very passionate about film and music, and gives her everything when working. 



Bio: Mary Losurdo is a graduate student at Colorado State University earning her Masters in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management. Mary works as a Production Stage Manager and Project Manager in Los Angeles, California where she lives with her partner and their two cats. Mary is passionate about social justice and the environment, and strives to improve the world one (or many) artistic endeavor at a time! 

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