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THURSDAY 14.11.19 - SUNDAY 17.11.19


Access to the festival site, exhibits, bar area and outside area is free. Festival activities such as panels, film screenings, workshops and music concerts are ticketed, and will take place inside the main screening room SALA INTESA SANPAOLO or other closed off rooms inside the festival site. 

YouthMundus 2019 edition will focus on climate change and sustainable lifestyle as one component, and mental health, women’s rights and LGBTQI+ rights as another, as we are deeply convinced that they are interconnected and interdependent. Throughout the festival we wish to unite and bridge the gap between Gen Z-iers and Millennials, two of the largest and most important generations today. Our Festival Team works hard every day towards creating a highly dynamic program that will consist of inspirational long form film and short form content screenings, awareness raising interactive activities, educational workshops, engaging panels, breathtaking art exhibitions and installations, and exciting music performances. 

Be prepared for a fun and memorable experience of a lifetime!

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