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We need to fight for a world without poverty and exclusion

Dear Earth Lovers, Music and Film Enthusiasts, and Global Change-makers, 

IVA is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Individuell Människohjälp (IM), a Swedish member based organisation founded in 1938. IM's primary mission is to fight poverty and exclusion and contribute to lasting change for individuals in particularly vulnerable situations. 

IM is convinced that every individual has an inherent power to change their situation. With the right tools and circumstances, individuals can use this power to join with others to create change at both individual and societal level. By helping people to help themselves IM is strengthening the scope of individuals to have their rights provided for and to take control of their own lives. IM works for changing the structures that discriminate against and exclude individuals and groups from sharing the same resources and having the same capability to be involved and have an influence as others.

IM focuses primarily on three different areas in their work, social inclusion, economic inclusion and civil society:

SOCIAL INCLUSION IM work closely with their partner ecosystem to build the capacities of the socially excluded groups to advocate for their social rights. Together, they focus on sexual and reproductive rights, violence, LGBTQ+ and women and young adults living with disabilities. IM also focuses on women’s civic and political participation targeting especially young and adult women from indigenous groups.

ECONOMIC INCLUSION Economic inclusion is about giving marginalized groups the means to be in control of their own economic life and helping them improve their economic situation while at the same time improve their status. IM believes that working with fair trade principles is a way to strengthen the rights of marginalized producers and that economic growth should support sustainable production and consumption. IM especially invests in women’s economic inclusion since it leads to gender equality and positive side-effects for the whole household.

CIVIL SOCIETY and CIVIC SPACE IM believes that civil society organizations play many important roles in a democratic society. A strong civil society can push for social, economic and political change. Civil society organisations can facilitate empowerment by raising awareness of the rights of individuals and strengthening their capacity to claim these rights. IM cooperation includes organisational and capacity development support to partner organisations, but also support to networks and linkages at different levels in society. 


Every minute a person in the world is being shot. Armed violence is a global problem that strikes hard against the developing countries, something that has been obvious to IM and other development organizations for a long time. In the autumn of 2016, the Humanium Metal by IM initiative was launched to transform the existing problem into something positive.

The purpose of the project is to reduce armed violence in the world, and to build more peaceful societies in the countries affected by violence. Seized weapons in Central America are melted down under the supervision of local authorities, the raw material is refined and made available for mass production of peaceful goods. The revenues from the project finance more weapon meltdowns and contribute to IM’s international development work.

Humanium Metal initiative works according to SDG 16, the global goal promoting just, peaceful and inclusive societies, aiming to focus on the increased flow of weapons and at the same time create a real change for the people living in violence and conflict-affected communities.

Our team is incredibly proud and excited to be collaborating with IM and Humanium. We cannot wait to show you what we have in store for you in Rome in November. 

Thank you for your continuous support and love,

Lots of love, #Team IVA


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