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Women's March Global - Unites & Empowers Women & Young Girls Worldwide

Dear Readers,

Inner Voice Artists is thrilled to be partnering with Women’s March Global on our Global Music and Short Content Festival Initiative, YouthMundus. As a  company led by women, we could not be prouder to join forces with this passionate and incredibly hard working team to continue our shared mission, and vision, of advancing Women’s Rights everywhere and achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #5 of gender equality and parity. It’s imperative that we all come together, and continue the fight to protect Women’s Rights worldwide.

The 2017’s Women’s March on Washington produced an “intersectional platform known as the Unity Principles”, which include and encompass the following: 

  • Ending Violence

  • Reproductive Rights

  • LGBTQIA+ Rights

  • Workers’ Rights

  • Civil Rights

  • Disability Rights

  • Immigrant Rights

  • Environmental Rights

Everyone needs to always remember that “Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights.” It is fundamental to understand that Women’s Rights cannot exist in a vacuum nor can they be ignored any longer. 

While women and young girls are entitled to all these rights, they are still being denied them all around the world. We desperately need and demand advocacy from all angles, including from our male colleagues who have long enough ignored, marginalized and silenced our voices as well as abused their powers. We urge and call upon them, as well as policy-makers everywhere, to not only educate themselves on this essential topic, but also to learn and understand the power of listening and collaborating with women to make positive change happen. This not only involves giving individual women more opportunities, but it involves changing laws and policies, and simply investing in women’s companies, organizations and movements so that every woman has the chance to equally thrive. 

If we continue following in old footsteps then we will accomplish nothing, and women everywhere are working extremely hard for history not to repeat itself. Women need to be included and empowered from the bottom up, and regarded as equals alongside our male counterparts. While speaking our truths is super important, we cannot just be tweeting or posting about it anymore - it is simply not enough. Action speaks louder than words. It’s only by actually doing that we can accomplish our mission, and by doing we mean doing together as allies and not in isolation. 

Everyone needs to fight for change and the collective freedom of all people, both on a local, micro level and global scale. As an important part of this partnership, the focus is to energize all our efforts and focus on strengthening women’s movements, so that every girl can use her voice and realize and enjoy her human rights.

Our team could not be more excited to work together with Women’s March Global to ensure that we achieve SDG #5 once and for all!

Thank you for your continuous support and love,

Lots of love, #Team IVA



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