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Mother Earth DEMANDS us to ACT NOW

Dear Earth Lovers, Music and Film Enthusiasts, and Global Change-makers, 

It’s now almost 7 months since YouthMundus’ official launch, and we could not be more excited about the journey we are on. Our Team of dedicated and strong women set out on a quest to help change our world for the better by creating a specialized experience specifically aimed at YOUTH, and centered around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We often get asked about what inspired us to embark on such an ambitious endeavor. We simply tell them that we couldn’t wait any longer, and we just had to do something. It’s not enough to just tweet and post on Instagram anymore, everyone needs to be doing much much more - our actions are way overdue. It’s time for everyone to take that shovel and start digging. 

NEVER  have the voices of today;s youth been more powerful, vocal and resilient. NEVER has there been a greater sense of urgency for the world’s youth to unite and promote equity and justice for all. NEVER has there been another Global Music and Short Content Festival Initiative not only organized FOR youth, but also WITH youth with the main purpose of uniting, promoting social change and combat injustice...until NOW.


According to Nielsen and UN data, today’s youngest generation, the Gen Z-ers, outnumber the Millennials. These passionate voices have illustrated and proven numerous times that positive change does not happen by just talking about it. Change happens by ACTING and being PROACTIVE. Today’s young voices inspired our team, and continuously inspire our team to do better every single day. It’s the smallest acts or steps towards solutions that can make all the difference, whether they be environmental or just simple acts of kindness. In the end, we are all human beings or “roommates” sharing ONE planet. Scientists urge us all to come together NOW and help protect it, because in about 15 years time there might not be anything left for us to protect.

Last week’s focus on devastating Amazon fires have hopefully awoken more people up to go out there and champion. Hence, we are calling upon EVERY SINGLE ONE of you to join us in our efforts, and help us ensure that future generations will have a place to call home in decades and centuries to come!

Thank you SO much to all our devoted readers and YouthMundees for all your continuous love and support. Only together and through positively empowering each other can we truly create change and make a difference!

We hope to see you in Rome in November. 

Lots of love, #Team IVA

ATTENTION!!! In light of the horrific Amazon fires, we urge every reader to please visit our partner  Amazon Watch’s website to find out what you can do to help TODAY!


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