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Meet Our New Youth Ambassador, Hannah!

Dear Fans, Music & Film enthusiasts, and Global Changemakers,

We are extremely honored to present Youthmundus’ newest Official Global Youth Ambassador, Hannah Testa. At only the age of 16, Hannah has already established herself as an international advocate for sustainability and as a powerful, global speaker. She is the founder of Hannah4Change, an organization dedicated to fighting issues that impact our planet.

Hannah is incredibly passionate about animals and environmental issues that have an impact on our wildlife and Mother Earth. She realized her passion already in kindergarten, and has since utilized her leadership skills to teach and influence others while becoming a voice for those that do not have a voice of their own. Hannah’s ability to see problems, providing practical solutions and working towards her goal of convincing everyone that even the smallest changes can help the world is truly inspiring.

In the past, Hannah has worked with several businesses, including Starbucks to encourage them to develop a more sustainable coffee cup. She has worked with policymakers to help educate and encourage restaurants to adopt more sustainable products, and reduce their plastic footprint to protect our planet. Our team is extremely excited to welcome Hannah on board YouthMundus!

To learn more about Hannah’s inspiring work, please make sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @hannah4change, and check out her website



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