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Meet 11 Year Old Lilly - YouthMundus’ Global Youth Ambassador

We are so honored to present YouthMundus’ Official Global Youth Ambassador, Lilly Platt. At only the age of 11, Lilly has achieved more than the average adult and has already established herself as one of the world’s leading environmental activists. This impressive young lady started Lillys Plastic Pickup at the age of 7, after noticing plastic on the ground while walking one day with her grandfather in Holland. After looking up the dangers of plastic, Lilly was sad to find out about the horrendous impact plastic has on animals, so she decided that enough was enough and that it was time to take action into her own hands. Lilly’s goal is to educate and inform the world, including global politicians and policymakers, about the detrimental effects of climate change and plastic pollution!

Lilly - We are incredibly excited to be joining forces on our mutual quest to help spread this important mission and raise awareness. You continue to inspire us every single day with all your brave work, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm. Our entire team is delighted to have you partake on this very special journey, and look forward to hearing and seeing you share your amazing work with the world in Rome!

To learn more about Lilly’s inspiring work, please make sure to follow her on Instagram @lillys_plastic_pickup and Twitter @lillyspickup!



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