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A Sustainable Enterprise That’s Changing the Tourism Industry for the Better 🌊 🌊

Dear Fans, Music & Film enthusiasts, and Global Changemakers, As we continue our determined quest to protect our planet and encourage everyone worldwide to become more sustainable, we are pleased to announce a brand new partnership with one of this year's Forbes 30Under30 companies, Sea Going Green ( . They are a Holland based sustainable tourism enterprise whose "mission it is to alleviate the negative impacts of the tourism industry on the marine environment" by offering sustainable consultancy services and transition strategies to their clients, so that they can reach their sustainability goals as effectively as possible. The company was founded by the young and passionate, Ally Dragozet, who spent her childhood summers on the coast of Croatia where it was she realized that our seas need help in order to survive.

IVA, in association with YouthMundus, is excited to embark on this new venture alongside Sea Going Green ( . Together, we look forward to collaborating towards our mutual vision and mission in protecting our oceans by promoting sustainable tourism through sustainable business. Remember to always be a part of the solution NOT the pollution! To learn more about Sea Going Green's ( amazing work, please make sure to visit their website: ( , and follow them on IG and Twitter!



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