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Meet Our Global Youth Ambassador - A Dedicated Champion for the Importance of LGBTQ+ & Mental Health

Dear Fans, Music & Film enthusiasts, and Global Changemakers,

Our team is incredibly excited to announce our latest collaboration and Global Youth Ambassador addition to YouthMundus. We have partnered with rising young German actor, Lukas Von Horbatschewsky. Lukas is known for his portrayal of David in the popular German teen show, DRUCK.


The show is based on the Norwegian web drama, SKAM, and tells the stories of teens and the various issues dominating their daily lives. In season 3, the main character, Matteo, falls in love with Lukas’s character, a pansexual transgender boy. Their love story deals with the conflict of gender and sexuality as well as the psychological coping mechanisms they face, and it’s positively impacted numerous teenagers all over Europe and the rest of the world. This past year alone, DRUCK has had close to 60 million views on YouTube. The show has successfully managed to highlight and realistically capture the importance of young people’s struggles in today’s society, and the ways in which to best deal with these struggles in constructive and healthy ways.

PHOTO CREDIT Kasimir Bordasch

Outside the show, Lucas is dedicated and committed to highlighting and educating his global audiences about the importance of the LGBTQ+ community and mental health.

We look forward to joining our forces and working together to highlight the power of youth, and how each person can contribute to supporting the LGBTQ+ and mental health communities across the world. #LoveIsLove

To learn more about Lukas’s inspiring work, please make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter, and check out Druck at YouTube (geoblocked and only accessible for those living in Germany) or with English subtitles at Tumblr for those outside of Germany. 

If you want to learn more about our new festival initiative, please follow us on Social Media (@youthmundus), including Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, and make sure to check out our website and crowdfunding website.

Remember that the change starts with YOU and every step forward counts.

We appreciate your continuous support 📷

With all our love, Dijana, Ina and Lou


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