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Creating Peace Through Art, Sports and Conservation

Good afternoon, YouthMundees!

IVA in association with YouthMundus is thrilled about our latest Partner addition, Peace for Conservation (PFC) from Tanzania, Africa. PFC is a wildlife NGO specifically focused on the rural areas surrounding the Serengeti National Park. 

PFC aims to bridge the gap between local communities and wildlife and environment conservation, thus creating a positive dynamic in conversation and diplomacy. By creating innovative programs PFC wants to change the current ways of thinking with the help of conservation professionals, volunteers and interns who come from around the world.  

PFC's main mission is to bring inspiration and innovations to conservation awareness, while at the same time helping local communities in fighting poverty and conflicts since it has been acknowledged that there is a great level of correlation between resource scarcity, climate change and likelihood of human conflict.

PFC works towards their goals through promoting education, with a particular focus on local youth groups and through engaging in ecotourism initiatives, sustainable resource management and conservation research.

As an example, Adventure Volunteers is an innovative program from PFC designed to combine tourism with volunteering, while simultaneously helping with conservation and preserving the local culture. This initiative also provides a platform for local youth to network and have their voices be heard, through various art, film, music and sports projects. If volunteering in one of the most beautiful countries in Africa is something for you, we highly recommend taking a look at PFC’s website here

Thank you for following us on this amazing journey. We deeply appreciate your constant support. 

With all our love and gratitude, #TeamYouthMundus and #TeamIVA


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